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About Trish

I live in the beautiful majestic Bitterroot Mountains where every day is awe-inspiring to the creative mind. I work with Fabric, silk and leather, creating one of a kind practical pieces for everyday use. My newest creations for 2021, Montana Snow Dyed shirts and scarves, are available as soon as the snow falls, as I need snow to make them! The marbled effect of the colors are truly unique and you will always have a piece of Montana with you. My 100% Montana Snow Dyed silk scarves are so soft and beautiful, a wonderful one of a kind accent to your wardrobe. My 100% cotton Montana Snow Dyed shirts are soft and cool, your perfect Spring / summer attire. My MSD pieces are truly one of a kind! (These will posted here towards the end of March 2021. These are small batch limited edition creations.)

All of my creations are made with love and an attention for detail. The materials and accents I use are carefully put together to create enjoyable works of art that are functional and fun. I use 100% breathable cotton fabric and silk fabric that can be easily washed and dried.

Wearing one of my aprons transforms you into a Kitchen Goddess or God, capable of any culinary feat. My Why can’t Dressy be Messy? baby bibs will make your little one the envy of all. And how about the Little Buckaroo Cowboy or Sassy Girl Cowgirl Baby Booties? What could be more fun than an outing sporting these little darlings? My watercolors are from my travel and Montana experiences. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed painting them.

My 100% silk scarves are soft and so comfortable around the neck!

Each one of these items is handmade and unique, one of a kind and durable. A functional and caring gift for yourself or a loved one, to be treasured and handed down.

All of my designs are made from quality top of the line material. I sell my items s fast as I can make them. I have decided to use this website as a showcase for my styles. The items on these pages are samples of past products as well as prices. If something is available you are welcome to purchase it. If you have something in mind please email me with color and theme choices. I can text or email you photos of fabrics I have that will surely please your uniqueness. Please browse through my collection and enjoy my website of hand crafted works of art from my home in The Bitterroot Mountains.  I am  sure you will find that precious piece to accent yourself, your loved ones or your home.

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I pre-wash all my fabrics and put them in the dryer on high. I do this to makes sure the colors won’t run and there will be no shrinkage. You won’t have any surprises come wash day!